Cut The Sky (Roth/Zimpel/Zemler) – Esz Kodesz

In a nod to the project’s theme of cultural cross-pollination, the band’s name Cut The Sky is taken from a sentence in the English translation of Polish-Jewish writer Bruno Schulz’s book The Street of Crocodiles

while the album title is the Polish transliteration of the Hebrew phrase meaning “sacred fire”.

  • Clattering (Kraków)
  • The Swans Will Sing When The Jackdaws Fall Silent (Lublin)
  • Esz Kodesz (Piaseczno)
  • Lullaby for Gajla (Warszawa)
  • Podzielone Królestwo (Londyn)
  • Lord, Have Mercy (Lviv)

released December 1, 2023

Cut The Sky:
Alex Roth – electric guitar, field recordings, processing
Wacław Zimpel – clarinets, electronics
Hubert Zemler – drums

Music by Alex Roth, Wacław Zimpel and Hubert Zemler,
except #6 traditional arr. Alex Roth

Produced by Alex Roth
Recorded by Michał Kupicz at Dwa Domy, Piaseczno, May 2022
except #6 recorded by Wacław Zimpel at Stary Teatr, Kraków, March 2023

Mixed by Alex Roth and Michał Kupicz except #5 mixed by Alex Roth
Mastered by Michał Kupicz

Supported by a Creative Scholarship from the City of Kraków (Stypendium Twórczego Miasta Krakowa)