Drummer and composer. His repertoire includes pieces by 20th and 21st centuries composers. Besides his classical education and cooperation with symphony orchestras, he played with jazz bands, exploring the secrets of improvisation, experimental and world music. He is involved in a number of projects combining contemporary music and improvisation. Hubert released three solo albums: “Moped”, “Gostak & Doshes” and “Pupation of Dissonance”.

Upcoming events

  • 08.05.21 - Magneto, DDK Węglin, Lublin

  • 12-13.05.21 - KODY, Lublin, z Ewa Liebchen i Emilia Sitarz. "Good Night" H.M. Górecki oraz "Why Patterns" Morton Feldman

  • 15.05.21 - KODY Lublin, JAGD - premiera

  • 16.05.21 - DIOMEDE, Gdańsk

  • 19-21.05.21 - CEL - Moers Festival

  • 22.05.21 - Mitch&Mitch, Konin